Thoughtful Development at Winding Creek

Anthem Properties had several goals in mind when we decided to develop the Winding Creek community in West Roseville. Foremost, was the vision to build a family-focused community that brings friends and neighbors together. Just as important was to make a positive impact on West Roseville by settling Winding Creek into the natural landscape, instead of over it.

Bisected by Pleasant Grove Creek and adjacent to 140 acres of forever protected land, Winding Creek includes an 87-acre permanent conservation. Known as the Creekview Northern Preserve, it is filled with oak trees, an intermittent stream, seasonal wetlands and vernal pools which provide potential habitat for migrating birds. To protect the area’s natural resources and maintain the health and biodiversity of the ecosystem, the preserve will continue to be grazed by cattle.

“We’re thrilled about this preserve,” explains Brendan Leonard, Project Manager for Anthem United. “This type of wetland preserve next to a residential area of this size doesn’t exist in West Roseville; there’s nothing quite like this.”

Anthem Properties, the Developer of Winding Creek, chose California Rangeland Trust as the third-party entity to hold the mitigation easement on the Creekview Northern Preserve.

“California Rangeland Trust is proud to play a role in this venture which seeks to strike a balance to provide homes and habitat for people, wildlife, and livestock,” said Rangeland Trust CEO Michael Delbar. “We all need places to live and society needs infrastructure to survive. The key is finding responsible ways to do that. We feel this project with Anthem United and the City of Roseville accomplishes that goal.”

Though cattle and native wildlife are the primary beneficiaries of this conservation agreement, Winding Creek residents will also benefit from the protection of this open space.

“For the residents of this community to be able to connect with the land and agriculture just by taking a few steps right outside their front doors is an incredibly unique opportunity,” said Delbar. “This partnership offers a win-win solution for the land, people, and wildlife, and that is exactly what the Rangeland Trust is all about.”

“Winding Creek represents a model for thoughtful development, innovative land management, and responsible stewardship.”

In addition to the Creekview Northern Preserve, residents of Winding Creek will also have access to 3.5 miles of bike & walking trails and four future community parks. There are so many reasons to get outdoors and explore this amazing community!

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