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  • Does Winding Creek have a homeowners association?

    No, Winding Creek does not have a homeowner’s association (HOA), which means no HOA fees!  

  • When will Winding Creek complete construction?

    Anthem Properties anticipates Winding Creek’s homes will be completely built by 2034.

  • How big will the community of Winding Creek be?

    Winding Creek spans nearly 500 acres of land across the beautiful sunny Northern California. The community will be home to over 2,000 residents and includes 140 acres of land that is protected by the State and will be conserved for Americans to enjoy decades after Winding Creek has completed development.

  • Am I able to build my own home or bring in an outside builder?

    Winding Creek has partnered with award winning, nationally trusted Home Builders to provide homebuyers with a variety of home model options, built to the highest of design, craftsmanship and specifications. Working exclusively with our builder partners, allows Anthem Properties to maintain a curated aesthetic throughout the community of winding Creek.

  • What school district serves Winding Creek?

    Residents of Winding Creek have the privilege of being served by the highly ranked Roseville Joint Union High School District, as well as the Roseville City School District.


  • How close are the schools to Winding Creek?

    Winding Creek has several schools nearby for the residents of Winding Creek including West Park High School, Diamond Creek Elementary School and Colley Middle School.

  • Does Winding Creek have a school?

    Winding Creek has designated some of the community’s land for a future elementary school.

  • Are there any commercial amenities in Winding Creek?

    Currently, Winding Creek is an exclusively a residential community. In the future, there will be shops and services located near the entry to the community.

  • What grocery stores are nearby?

    The newest Nugget Market location is a short 3 miles away from Winding Creek and Safeway is conveniently located just 4 miles away. There are also plans for a retail town center within Winding Creek.  

  • I’m responsible for my yard, but who takes care of the public space?

    When the community is first developed, Anthem Properties is responsible for maintaining the public spaces. Once ownership of each neighborhood or phase of Winding Creek is given to the City of Roseville, they become responsible for public space upkeep.

  • Can I swim in the creek near the community?

    The City of Roseville does not allow the public to swim in the creek nearby Winding Creek. However, there are ample pathways for residents to enjoy along the creek.

  • Are there any dog parks nearby?

    Winding Creek has a handful of great dog parks and open spaces for residents to enjoy, all within walking distance and even more spaces available a short drive or bike ride away.

  • Are there spaces for my children to play?

    Winding Creek will have four community parks at completion. The City of Roseville plans to start building the first park in 2024, after reviewing input from residents.

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